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inspired by the rich and colorful global cultural heritage of music, the savoir-faire of diverse traditions and the passion for cultures from different countries.

A MusikFestival as a musical journey with the most varied of facets – innovative, free and sensual.

We invite you to experience very special moments with us in a well-composed concert program for discerning audiences.


With TONEDMELISMA in year 2021 was created the new “TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival” for contemporary and classical music with concerts and events in different countries such as Turkey and Germany, and soon in Tel Aviv and China.

It is based on classical music traditions, links the diversity of different musical cultures and directions and thus allows a very individual form of world music to emerge in the best sense of the word.

The music is permanently in a state of change, renewal and growth, beyond the limits of every country and continent. As a moment of peace and friendship, music is constantly fed by the cultural traditions typical of each region and the enthusiasm of individual people who actively strive to develop, shape and continue it.

With our MusikFestival we create many opportunities for intercultural and artistic dialogues, the exchange of musical traditions, of instruments and playing styles, of musical material and possibilities of expression beyond the own areas of certain ethnic groups, religions and cultures.


The company’s founder and shareholder, Ataç Sezer, is also a composer with 16 years of experience in the music business in Europe.

Just like his work, his ideas for the TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival also focus on the new, in the literal sense of the word: unheard of sound.

The concert program, the selection of the venues and the ensembles, Sezer designs in the MusikFestival systematically and on the basis of his extensive compositional expertise, which questions the most varied of ensembles with regard to this dimension of sound. The fact that ensembles from solo to large orchestra, electronics and ensemble strengths are considered, once again points to the wide-ranging competence of the composer.

Ataç Sezer composes his works for well-known music institutions and festivals such as musica viva BR, Heidelberger Frühling, BOZAR, Münchener Biennale, Berliner Festspiele and many others. His music is present worldwide and available through the record labels NEOS and Genuin, broadcast and online music platforms (such as iTunes, Spotify, etc.).

Sezer‘s years of work as a composer enabled him to gain valuable experience in organizing and working with ensembles at a variety of events, artists, foundations, record labels, broadcast and the public. With our highly professional team with experts from different areas and industries, our music festival will meet the highest demands and make visiting the festival an extraordinary experience.


With great joy we are looking forward to our premiere, the first edition of the TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival under the motto “Mind And Mystic”!

In this first edition of the festival from May 28th to September 16th we are dedicating ourselves to the interface between contemporary and classical music and mystical tradition, meaning and reason of both. Together with contemporary composers, we are looking for answers to the questions: How do you translate the mystical into tones? Is contemporary music mysterious? How does the room affect you? And does the term “mind” occupy the place between science and the human soul?

6 concerts with the music of today and the past at special locations such as Munich, Istanbul and Essen, 4 new works by Füsun Köksal, Marc L. Vogler and Ataç Sezer, among others, offer the curious audience incentives to expand their personal musical horizons.

©Foto:  Unique Archival Pigment Print „Hybrid Souls“ from Ali Alışır

In 2022, tonal interpretations of the highest quality will be provided by the E-MEX-Ensemble, as well as Violoncellist Jens Peter Maintz together with the Minguet Quartet.

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Festival Membership


Members are a core part of TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival family, gaining priority access to tickets as well as a range of benefits throughout the year. Their ongoing support is vital to our future.

The possible Membership refers to the “Freundeskreis” of the MusikFestival, a community that has no legal or economic function. In order to let our global festival family grow, we create Membership places with different offers. The advantages of Membership result, for example, from booking tickets in advance, invitations for members to talk to composers, live and online, advance information about the program, artists and much more.

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Talent development

We are passionate about supporting the next generation of young talents.

At TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival we are spotting and supporting burgeoning talents on their professional path with composition commissions, programs such as composer in residence, competitions and master classes. Here, too, the details are developed in relation to the location and the event.

Composition commissions

Every year we offer opportunities for internationally recognized young composers to develop their creative spectrum with TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival and award them up to three composition commissions for various ensembles (chamber music and orchestra) on a selected topic.

Residency Program

For a period of 2 weeks, well-known and internationally recognized composers are invited to further develop their work and creativity. During this time, a piece selected by the composer is to be rehearsed with students from a music college in Istanbul in order to be presented later in one of the TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival concerts.

Artist competition

We promote young talents in the visual arts on our platform. With an annual competition, an artist should have the chance to present his work internationally during the TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival, and also through merchandising.

Every year, up to a certain date (e.g. February 15 of each year), students at German art academies can submit two works as image material to one apply online form. The minimum age of applicants is 18 years old. The presented works may not be older than 5 years and have not yet been published. A jury composed of experts will judge the creativity and technical ability and nominate a winner. The winner will see his work on the TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival‘s brochures and posters.

In addition, his works of art are presented online on our homepage.

Master classes

With internationally known lecturers from all over the world at a modern level using contemporary pedagogical methods, through our master classes we will train creative, investigative music professionals with leadership qualities, conduct musical research, and offer music education in order to promote the transmission of the musical heritage to future generations.


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So that TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival can provide impressive musical experiences year after year, we need partners and generous supporters – people like you  – who have a passion for music. Every contribution counts and enables the concerts and projects to be carried out in Germany, Israel, Turkey and China. Further the wonderful idea of the TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival, support the festival’s variety of programs with your contribution, and enjoy musical masterpieces and benefit from our network as a company.

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship offers you the opportunity to both align your brand with TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival and enjoy a prestigious range of benefits tailored to your requirements.

From large-scale hospitality to intimate gatherings, TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival is the ideal setting to captivate your clients.

The TONEDMELISMA sponsorship program was developed in order to be able to react to the advertising and marketing needs and strategies of the sponsors. Sponsors who continuously and long-term support cultural and artistic events as a conscious element of their “corporate culture” are remembered as institutions and active sponsors.

Product advertising and database creation at the festival locations serve these and similar purposes. Sponsorship becomes a brand, and this is critical to reaching target visitors most effectively. Culture and art are the building blocks of a society. With this in mind, we invite you to support TONEDMELISMA MusikFestival for an enlightened society with a high level of cultural awareness, a society that maintains its values, develops them further and strengthens them for future generations.

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